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Becoming examiner, scorer or trainer

Examiner – Scorer accreditation

Examination centres organize examiner-scorer accreditation sessions across the country every year, according to their needs. Access to these sessions is reserved for French teachers living in Canada who are currently working for an examination centre.

Excellent resources are now available in Canada and can be shared and used by institutions interested in being involved with the DELF-DALF examinations.

If you have not been accredited yet and are working for an examination centre, please contact the person in charge of the centre.

If you are in charge of an examination centre and need to organize a session but do not have a trainer available, please contact us at educatif-linguistique@ambafrance-ca.org.

Trainer accreditation

Trainer accreditation sessions are reserved for examiner-scorers who meet the three following conditions:

  • Candidates must be affiliated with a DELF-DALF examination centre;
  • The candidate’s DELF-DALF examiner-scorer training must be valid at the time of the trainer accreditation program;
  • Candidates must have overseen at least one DELF-DALF examination correction section as examiner-scorer.

For information, contact educatif-linguistique@ambafrance-ca.org .

France Education International also offers trainer accreditation sessions through the Université BELC twice per year, in winter and summer. More information here: https://www.france-education-international.fr/belc

Trainer accreditation renewal

This online test can be taken by trainers who satisfy the following conditions, as of the date they register for the renewal examination:

  • Candidates must be affiliated with a DELF-DALF examination centre;
  • Candidates must have already been certified as a trainer for examiners-scorers ;
  • Candidates must have carried out at least one examiner-scorer training session over the past three years;
  • Candidates must have taken part in at least one annual session as an examiner-scorer.

For more information and registration, please contact educatif-linguistique@ambafrance-ca.org .


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